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Sherlock Holmes, Bridge Dedective. G. Gooden & F. Thomas


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Carefully conceived and written by one of the nation’s outstanding bridge teachers, Sherlock Holmes, Bridge Detective is designed to bring entertainment as well as interest and information to those bridge players anxious to improve their skills at the world’s most popular game. Designed as a bridge escape into the wonderful world of Baker Street, the reader follows the most famous detective of them all through his introduction to bridge and then as a participant in the Challenge Match, the world’s first, big, head-to-head, bridge competition. Holmes invariably relying on his ability at inference, deduction and observation; rapidly becomes the darling of the kibitzers surpassing the abilities of his partner and bridge teacher, the long suffering Watson. Through forty-four action packed hands we follow the line of play or defense of Holmes-Watson as the Baker Street sleuth uses a common-sense approach to frustrate his opponents. Interwoven with the Challenge Match hands are two Holmsian cases which the detective solves with the assistance of bridge-reasoning. Most of all this novel card adventure is a fun book designed to instruct the reader in an interesting fashion as to spotting clues at the table and drawing reasonable clues from them. Why not go back th Baker Street and become a detective… a bridge detective, that is.


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