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Improve your bridge with Oswald Jacoby. O. Jacoby


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From beginner to expert, everyone will learn something from this book. The Jacobys rely on example rather than on precept and in more than one hundred hands they illustrate opening bids, partner’s responses, overcalls, sacrifice bids, no trump versus trump contracts, doubles, forcing, slams, cue bids, Stayman, Blackwood, and Jacoby transfers, opening leads, when to draw trumps, ducking, finesses, setting up suits, squeeze plays, false cards, rubber versus duplicate bridge.
Every page offers signposts. By the end of the book you will be well on the road to winning consistently.
For almost fifty years bridge players around the world have been learning the game from Oswald Jacoby, who has won more national titles than any other player. His son James has enough Master Points to be a Life Master forty times over and is one of the world’s greatest players.


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