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Fit for a king, S. Brock & B. Rigal


okł. miękka, str. 136

stan: nowa

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The hands that are contained in this book are examples of how the use of pure reason, or in some cases a flash of inspiration, can produce a memorable hand. The deals themselves were nominated for a series of annual brilliancy prizes presented by BOLS in the decade between 1976 and 1986, all eventually reported in the IBPA Bulletin. The idea behind this book came from the success of Sally Brock’s BOLS Bridge Tips book. First we had to locate all the material (a formidable task!), and then decide how to present it. Chess games, and consequently chess books, are frequently divided into three sections: openings, the middegame and the endgame. Hence, the titles of our first three sections; but some bridge plays involve the whole hand, hence the final section.


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