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Bridge for Women, R.L. Frey


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That men and women are equal is a fact that the average male bridge player cannot accept. To his mind, bridge for women is an excuse for coffee and chatter. Unfortunately, the average woman player believes this. Sit her down at a table with men and her confidence disappears. What these women fail to realize is that those very “weak” qualities that make them lose confidence when playing with men also give them the potential for beating any man at bridge. Bridge for Women is the first book to recognize this difference—and it urges women to take advantage of it.
Never has a more impressive group of women been assem-bled to write a book about bridge. Peggy Solomon holds over five thousand master points, Mary Jane Farell is the world’s fifth-ranked player, Rixi Markus is the winner of three world and five European titles, Bee Gale Schenken is the world’s best rubber bridge player, and the late Helen Sobel Smith was the record winner of thirty-three national championships.


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