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Bridge Brilliance & Blunders, R. Miller


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Just to publish a book of bridge hands is not enough. The hands must be both instructive and entertaining but beyond that, the selection must contain situations with which the average player can identify. He must be able to say-I remember when that happened to me; or I played a hand just like that and I too remember when I planned and executed my first advanced play-my first coup or squeeze.

The hands in this book have been selected with that criteria in mind. Some of the hands will not be perfect; there will be errors in play and defense-just as there is in your bridge club and mine-but these blunders make it possible for the declarer to bring home his contract or the defenders to defeat it. There will be bad bidding ending in horrible contracts. But in each case I hope the reader will be entertained and learn something too-for there is no better way to learn than from someone else’s error.

And the reader should be able to identify with the hands for they all come from actual play under combat conditions in rubber bridge, local duplicates and in tournament play from sectionals to world championships. And the vast majority were played-not by the superstars of the bridge world but by the average player, the competitor who makes up the vast bridge playing public and who sustains the game with its life blood. And that’s why the hands were picked, with few exceptions to show both the debacles and the triumphs of Mr. and Mrs. Bridge Player, U.S.A.


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