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A short history of plaing cards, G. Benham


okładka twarda, stron: 55

używana, stan: bardzo dobry

wymiary: 11 cm x 17 cm

uwagi: dla kolekcjonera

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Sir William Gurney Benham may not have been a magician, but his wide-ranging historical expertise afforded him a comprehensive knowledge of how modern playing cards came to be. In this amply illustrated and beautifully laid out sixty-page booklet, he traces the development of the fifty-two-card deck that has become synonymous with magic performances.

As Gurney Benham notes in his preface: “Though playing cards provide probably more recreation and promote more friendships than anything else in the world, few users of them know anything of their history and origin. This little book is designed to shed some light on the subject.” A Short History of Playing Cards will prove fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in the history of magic or gambling, and will serve as a valuable resource for any magicians seeking patter for card effects.


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